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THE CLINIC is a top notch medical aesthetic group practice in every regard, from our highly qualified international surgeons and doctors to our medical-grade products and specialized services.

THE CLINIC offers world-class services for plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as non-surgical and non-invasive medical treatments.



From our humble beginning, we have come a long way. Initially operating only in the best university hospitals in Lebanon, but with the effort spent into our practice and the results achieved, we have then progressed to have operations in the whole Middle East. Now we have luxurious clinics in prime locations in Lebanon (Dbayeh) and France (Paris) and soon other locations/countries will follow.

THE CLINIC is proudly affiliated to “Clinique Mirabeau Chirurgie Esthetique” in Paris, France.



During its relatively short history THE CLINIC beyond surgery has managed to build a solid reputation and brand name through its smart and cost effective diversified marketing program by:

– Using the latest Social Media trends and e-marketing technologies.

– Developing interesting Loyalty programs for privilege clients and HR departments.

– Participating in the pan-arab innovative TV programs:

– Am a Woman, “Ana Imraa”: on MTV performing live surgeries.

– Bi Beirut: on LBCI live from Beirut City Center.