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Pigmented and Vascular Lesion Treatment (Advanced Fluorescent Technology (AFT)

What is it about?

Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) is a next-generation, non-invasive broadband light treatment for the improvement of skin colour, tone and texture. AFT is used to reduce signs of aging from the face, neck, chest and hands.

Is the procedure right for you?
AFT is suitable for patients of all age groups for the treatment of skin imperfections as well as the prophylaxis of skin aging. The treatment results in youthful, smooth and revitalised skin. A course of AFT may be used to treat:
¥ Broken blood vessels
¥ Rosacea
¥ Pigment discolourations such as freckles and age spots
¥ Enlarged pores
¥ Fine lines and wrinkles
¥ Coarse or rough skin
¥ Loss of skin tone and elasticity
¥ General sun damage

How does it work?
The CLINIC protocol for AFT involves an initial preparatory stage whereby the skin is thoroughly cleansed. Thereafter, the skin is treated with the AFT hand piece, which results in a slight tingling sensation. There is no downtime associated with this procedure and typically the skin assumes an instant glow. However, in cases where the patient has a lot of freckles or age spots, these may appear darker for a few days until the area peels. Furthermore, patients with rosacea may experience more redness for a day. Make-up may be applied immediately.
The treatment program typically includes five sessions spaced three to four weeks apart, followed by maintenance sessions four times per year. However, patients may choose to continue with the treatment on a monthly basis, if so desired.

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