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Aesthetic buttock enhancement

Macrolane buttock augmentation injections

A non-surgical buttock augmentation by Macrolane™ will add volume and shape by a safe and quick buttock treatment.

Achieve a more appealing body contour by attractively adding volume to your buttocks and hips with Macrolane. Unevenness and lost firmness and volume can be easily corrected to satisfy your needs and desires.

The benefits of buttock augmentation range from looking good again in a bikini to overall increased self-esteem. You may feel your butt muscles are undeveloped, no matter how hard you work to “tone your glutes”, or you may simply want to have a more sensual and rounder bottom. A natural buttock treatment will help you achieve just that.

Non-surgical buttock augmentation

Macrolane is the non-surgical alternative to permanent implants and fat transplantation. Buttock enhancement with Macrolane significantly reduces prolonged downtime and discomfort as well as the scarring and risks involved with all surgical procedures. Now buttock augmentation and shaping can be a well-tolerated experience with a short recovery period.

What is Macrolane?

Macrolane is a safe product for simple injection treatment that instantly restores lost volume to your body for a look that is natural and unique for you.

Being beautiful is about being you. You choose the lifestyle and look that highlight who you are. The same goes for your choice of aesthetic treatments.

Macrolane is a gel that is natural and biologically degradable. It involves an uncomplicated injection treatment with minimal scarring.
 Macrolane products are based on hyaluronic acid, similar to the body’s own hyaluronic acid.

Benefits with Macrolane body enhancement

  1. The pure, non-animal based gel is injected into the desired area to restore volume.
  2. The benefits of the injection treatment are immediate and long lasting without being permanent.
  3. A single treatment with Macrolane can last up to 12 months. Your body slowly metabolizes the biocompatible Macrolane gel.
  4. If you desire longer lasting results, you have the choice of re-treatments to maintain the aesthetic results.

Why choose Macrolane?

If you are looking to enhance the shape of your body, but want to avoid the strain of surgery, Macrolane™ could be right for you. This is a safe material with natural compounds.

Our research indicates that a significant number of people would like to adjust and improve the shape of their body in a natural, non-permanent way. These women are also concerned about undergoing general anaesthesia and potential scarring.

Macrolane answers these concerns Injecting Macrolane is an uncomplicated aesthetic treatment requiring only a local anaesthetic, with minimal time away from work and daily activities as a result.

Advantages of a treatment with Macrolane:

  1. Have instant results with a tailor-made aesthetic treatment.
  2. Feel secure with a non-surgical and less invasive body shaping and body enhancement.
  3. Return quickly to daily activities with a short post-treatment recovery period.
  4. Feel confident with a natural and safe material in your body.

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